Modern technologies for brand, products and services promotion of Russian and foreign companies on the territory of Russian Federation.
Our Company
Foresight company is a center for modern technologies implementation in the field of sales, marketing and advertising. Our specialists have been developing and applying our services from year to year creating suitable and attractive conditions for the Russian and foreign companies. We provide maximum number of services in one place for those who want to quickly, economically and without risk increase their sales of goods and services on the territory of Russian Federation.
Another distinctive feature is our method of providing customers with the services based only on reliable information supported by indisputable evidence. In return, it allowed us to operate remotely, which is very relevant nowadays. With our cooperation option, there is no need to wait for the end of the pandemic because you can continue to increase sales and claim leadership positions due to the current passive behavior of the competitors.

What we can do for You
Customer service audit
Generation of the potential B2B clients database
Developing tactics and strategic victory
Targeted promotion with 100% online conversion
All type of communication with clients online
Development of sales scripts, presentations, landing pages and cover letters
Direct sales Support (telemarketing)
Our Services
Customer Service Audit (please, contact our Manager for further information)
Database of the potential B2B clients is generated based on individual approach. The possibility of a large number of phone calls made by our company allows us to identify the best customers by industry segments. The differences between finding the clients during exhibitions and our selection method are following:

  • Exhibitions - held very rarely, preparatory work is required, time-consuming event for a specialist, unpredictable conversion.
  • We can select potential customers according to our client's terms of reference at any time in any quantity at a profitable price (only the market volume can be limited).

Development of tactics and strategic victory are based on two factors: the driver and the stopper of the sales. The model that is based on tactics and strategy, which lack the clarity creates hassle - hassle leads to waste of both time and money, which could have been invested in sales process. Below is an example of a two-step model for attracting and retaining customers in the B2B segment.
Our advertisement is targeting the decision makers with the opportunity to receive feedback; 100% conversion is confirmed by an audio recording or the status of a presentation based phone conversation. Maximum number of the phone calls per month is equivalent to 25'000 contacts and sending manually 35'000 emails under the anti-spam program.
Communication with the customers through our call system allows you to identify decision makers and present your company, product, services, promotions, new products, etc., and get instant feedback. Our client is provided with the audio recordings with a purpose of transparency and productivity. Among our products, this service is one of the most effective and popular. Maximum number of the phone calls per month is equivalent to 25'000 contacts.
Two factors influencing sales increase - content and traffic. Our specialists create selling content and the right choice of traffic will quickly deliver the content to the addressee.
The goal of telemarketing in our understanding is to simplify communication with the audience, simplify sales, and make it possible to quickly get first-hand information. Since in B2B, unlike in B2C, the buyer makes a decision collectively, thus it takes more time to make a decision. Our telemarketing model is adapted to work with B2B clients by increasing attention to conversational presentations, correspondence, and the possibility of repeated calls.
Distribution usually involves a large number of matters before the agreement is completed between future partners thus a qualitative study of the circumstances is necessary.
Why Choose Us?
Saving on maintenance and service of the employee's workplace
Using of the specialized techniques and sales tools of an outsourcing company
Great savings in salaries
Continuous work of the outsourcer (no vacations or sick leave)
Termination of the cooperation at any time, if stipulated in the agreement
Reducing the risks associated with the implementation of the sales process in a foreign country
Our sales process starts immediately after signing the contract, unlike other systems that require a long set up time
Strategy and tactics development of working with the B2B clients using our services – example
Our services allowed us to build a two-step model for attracting and retaining customers in the B2B segment. The developed model can become the basis of a sales system for any B2B company. The model includes 2 stages of B2B sales development.
Stage 1.Build close relationship with Client
The first stage of the customer interaction. At this stage, two competencies are required:

Competence 1: Make the appropriate connection between the client's needs and the company's offer. The result of such work is a compelling offer.

Competence 2:
Demonstrate the ability to listen and understand the client's needs. Personal contact and attention to specific problems and challenges of the client.

Stage 2. Convince of a result
At this stage, there are two steps which leads to offer:
Step 1: Build connections
Step 2: Convinction

We offer competent solutions at reasonable prices. We value Your time. We take into account all the nuances.
Additional Services
High production capacities allow us to provide translation services of any degree of complexity, taking into account all the requirements and wishes of the customer. From urgent translations to large-scale long-term projects involving a number of specialists for a requested industry. We translate in more than 25 languages in any language pair and directions.
Assistance in obtaining certificates, licenses and other permits for business operation on the territory of Russian Federation.
Support in a tender participation
Coffee printers
Jam Empire
Vending machine
Cooperation with LS CABLE
Telemarketing with 1,500 consumers of their products and outstaffing services from Foresight Center company.
Database generation of the potential clients based on our exclusive method for more than 1000 units, according to the terms described in the presentation (before the full implementation of the contract , the contract amount was $ 9.8 million).

More detailed information about the contract between Foresight-Center and LS Networks can be found at link below.
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Coffee printers
The company Latte Art Printer has ordered our products. Formation of the customers' database in the amount of 5500 restaurants and bars. Presentations about the company and the product were delivered to the mentioned 5500 decision makers.

Result: the client develops a cooperation plan with our company for distribution purposes on the territory of Russian Federation.
Jam Empire
Development of a strategy to increase the range of products offered by "Jam Empire": consulting, adaptation of B2C products for B2B sales; 5800 negotiations via phone were made with the industrial enterprises about the possible purchases of pectin-containing natural juices for preventive health care of employees working at hazardous sites. As a result, 35% of the surveyed enterprises are now waiting for the release of the first batch of pectin-containing juices.

The customer has approved the project, and the equipment installation is coming to an end.

HV power lines inspection
Marketing research to determine whether it is possible for an American company US AIRMOBILE to provide services in Russia. The inspection of high-voltage networks with the use of helicopter technology. The customer received: calculation of the traditional method according to current standards (person / hour), the estimated cost and labor costs of the method using aviation, analysis and comparison of the calculation results.

The result: from an economic point of view, it is profitable, and the market has a great potential. The obstacle: difficulty in obtaining the state permits and high safety requirements. The decision is up to the customer.
Vending machine
Development of a product or service related to personal protective equipment for a company based on our outsourced services. The negotiations with the 3500 decision makers of the related companies were conducted via phone to study the niche associated with the possibility of using vending machines at business facilities for dispensing consumables such as work gloves, masks, etc.

The purchasing power of a customer for this type of service was high – the decision is up to our client.

Using our exclusive method, the database with numerous buyers, distributors and strategic partners was formed to organize a distribution network of sales and opening of mono-branded boutiques. Due to the confidentiality agreement, brand names are not disclosed.
Provision of the translation services to the following companies:

Detailed information about the services is not available according to the non-disclosure agreement.
Please note:

Correspondence is accepted in any language that is convenient for you.
Phone calls are accepted in Russian and English languages.
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